To be effective, managers must first understand who they are, how they contribute, and what they bring to the table.

Management Dynamics

Management Dynamics  is designed to develop managers to be decisive, courageous and innovative,  It’s about learning to become effective decision makers, competent risk takers and managers who consistently produce high output results through people.

This blended learning experience provides real world tools and strategies managers require to excel and “blow the doors off business as usual”!

We believe that real learning happens when a person encounters information from a variety of angles and works with that information in a number of ways. This happens through a process of collaborative learning and results based conversations.

This training focuses on four defining characteristics:


Management Dynamics consists of a series of three in classroom 2-day management development workshops that are foundational to your success as a manager:


These workshops are sequential and each workshop builds on the previous one. To reinforce the in-classroom training, online coaching and mentoring will be provided for a period of 12 months, following the training.

Target Audience: Newly Appointed Managers, High Potential Managers, Seasoned Managers and anyone in a leadership or management role aspiring to manage effectively.

Performance Management: Managing Performance for Results

We know that communication between a manager and an employee about performance is essential to increase productivity, improve morale and motivation, and allow coordination of each employee’s work, so it contributes to the goals of the organization.

 But many managers focus on the wrong thing. They focus on performance appraisals instead of planning. They focus on a one-way flow of words (manager to employee), rather than open dialogue. Managing Performance for Results is a multimedia driven, interactive workshop designed to equip managers to use performance management as a meaningful tool to help their employees “win at work”.

Managers attending this workshop will walk away totally equipped to:

  •  Energize every employee to lift their performance
  • Improve performance through regular feedback
  • Learn how to measure performance using a positive evaluation framework
  • Communicate effectively with employees between the planning and appraisal stages



Executives, Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors and anyone dealing with people performance.

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Risk Management

How effective is your organization at managing risk? Are your employees fully equipped to understand how to identify, analyze and manage risk whilst at the same time demonstrating regulatory compliance and due diligence?

Managing risk is an important part of managing a successful business and all employees need to have a clear understanding of how to identify, analyze and manage risk on a daily basis.

This practical 2-day workshop is designed to equip participants to understand the principles and processes that help minimize the negative impacts of risks and maximize the positive impacts.

What You Will Learn


Who Should Attend

Line Managers, Supervisors, Human Resource Managers, Workplace Health and Safety Managers, Project Managers and in fact, all staff who need to learn important principles to minimize risk in the workplace.

Contact Create One to bring this workshop in-house. We will help you to deal with real life issues in the workplace and provide practical tools for on-going risk assessment and monitoring.

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