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People Development

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Training Needs Analysis

Performing a Training Needs Analysis is the first step in the establishment of a Learning and Development Program and is critical in rolling out a successful Training Plan. It is foundational for determining an organization’s training objectives, the selection and design of training programs,  the implementation of the programs and the evaluation of the training provided.

The Training Needs Analysis is often disregarded for reasons such as time constraints or lack of perceived value by management. However, skipping the training needs analysis can cause major problems. Time, resources and money may be wasted on training that is unnecessary or ineffective.

However, there are tangible benefits to conducting a needs analysis and investing in ongoing staff training:


The difference between the traditional methods for conducting a Training Needs Analysis and Create One’s approach.


Traditional Approach

Create One Approach

Time consuming

Fast turnaround

Costly – downtime & productivity

No interruption to productivity

Low Response Rate from Participants

100% Response Rate guaranteed

Scheduling Issues with staff

No scheduling Issues with staff

Most times it subjective in assessments

Objective assessments based on job roles

Fear that data will be used against them

Confidential and objective collection of data


Outcomes Achieved by a Create One Training Needs Analysis:


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Talent Management

As Jim Collins states, great leaders don’t start with vision, instead they start with ensuring the right people are in the right seats.  This is critical to the success of your organization.  At Create One, we can help identify, develop, and retain the talent you need to ensure your future success.


Hiring great talent starts with attracting the right talent!

The Extended DISC®  Behavioral Assessments are ideal for enhancing your talent management process, as they support the recruitment process from selection to onboarding. It’s the best tool to help recruiters understand how a candidate will fit into the company before they are hired, and support them in their transition to a new role.

With our FinxS®  Reasoning Analysis, we can offer a cognitive assessment designed to measure an individual’s reasoning skills. When used in conjunction with a Behavioural Assessment, a Reasoning Analysis helps assure hiring decisions during the Recruitment Process. Cognitive assessments are useful predictors of job performance and help confirm the selection of individuals with the greatest chance of success and reduced costs.

Analyse individual results against a Global Benchmark or create your own Company Benchmark.

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Change is a hallmark of today’s business world. In particular, our workforce is constantly changing – people come and go, and move into new roles within the company. Succession planning can help you make the most of that change by ensuring that when someone leaves, there is someone qualified to fill their role.

Through the use of a number of assessment tools, we can ensure that your organization has a succession pipeline resourced with the right candidates to fill both existing and new job roles. We can help you engage employees with meaningful development plans and career opportunities, close talent gaps with smart succession planning, and build up intellectual capital. Get better business results with strategic employee development and talent management!

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Having the right people in the right positions performing their responsibilities correctly is vital to your  organization’s success.  Therefore, it is important to have the correct tools to attract top talent.

A job description is meant to attract qualified candidates applying for a position at your company. With a well-written job description, you will have relevant applicants to choose from.  If you don’t include the right information in your job description, you could end up making costly staffing decisions, thus wasting time and money.

What do effective job descriptions do for recruiters and candidates?

  • They clarify expectations immediately
  • They provide structure
  • They empower communication
  • They facilitate recruitment and training
  • They protect you legally


We can help you to develop effective Job Descriptions by utilizing job templates to identify and prioritise the behaviours for specific job roles that will produce the best outcome for individuals and employers.This is hugely valuable when evaluating job fit for a role. Identify, in advance, how the candidate will fit in with the team, where their strengths are and where they may need additional support.

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Intentional Coaching

Our executive coaching and leadership consulting work is focused on helping leaders at all levels improve their collective performance.

Developing managers who can lead from the middle is a sound management practice that won’t undermine a CEO’s authority. When these managers take ownership of issues, make decisions and accept accountability for the results, their bosses have the freedom to think and act strategically, without getting bogged down in tactical matters.

Middle managers know that for the company to thrive depends on all company leaders and team members to take initiative and follow through.  This not only creates a stronger organization in the short run, but it equips emerging leaders for greater challenges and advancement to senior leadership positions. And with flagging confidence in today’s senior leaders, there’s no better time for leadership to come from below.

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