Building a thriving culture takes time but it can be achieved in every organization.

Leadership Essentials

Being an effective and influential leader is crucial to one’s personal success, as well as the success of the organization.  However, leadership isn’t defined by a position or title. It takes character and competence to achieve results that matter. The question is: “Are leaders born or made?”  Some people are born with great leadership skills and capacity, but fortunately for those who aren’t, leadership can be developed over time.

Our Leadership Essentials workshop is an intensive and interactive blended learning experience that will equip participants with the foundational skills that all leaders need to succeed

Target Audience: Emerging Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Business Owners and anyone aspiring to become a leader.

Lead for Results

Leadership is an ongoing process that takes understanding, persistence, perseverance and above all a commitment to continuously develop so that you can inspire, motivate and engage your people.

 With this in mind, we have created an in-depth leadership development and coaching experience for emerging and seasoned leaders. Drawn from some of the world’s best thought leaders and years of hands-on leadership experience, Lead for Results is Create One’s flagship leadership development program.   This program will help you to discover your hidden potential and then provide you with the tools to develop yourself and a high performing team that consistently delivers outstanding results. Lead for Results consists of a series of three in classroom 2 day leadership development workshops that are foundational to your leadership success:

  • Model the Way
  • Mobilize the Team
  • Mentor for Maximum Impact


The in-classroom training is followed by 12-months of on-line coaching and mentoring to reinforce the learning experience. Target Audience: Senior Executives, High Potential Leaders & Managers, Business Owners and anyone aspiring to further develop their leadership potential.

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Lead From Any Level

The common denominator of thriving organizations is the presence of competent leaders at every level.


Lead From Any Level is a focused two-day workshop designed to provide participants with the skills and tools to lead up, lead across and lead down effectively.  This workshop is a result of over 10 years of researching international organizations and leaders from diverse industries.

Invest in the leadership potential of your people and reap the benefits of empowered management that is responsive to change, continuously improving and consistently delivering results.  A new culture will emerge in your organization as leadership takes place  on every level as employees, are empowered to lead wherever they are.

 Target Audience: Supervisors, Team Leaders, Middle Managers, Business Owners, anyone aspiring to increase their leadership potential within an organization.

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