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Why CreateOne Training?

Why CreateOne Training?

We equip organisations with customized training solutions that produce tangible results. We understand that the role of the HR Team is demanding, so we strive to be the innovative “go-to” service provider that delivers quality custom built solutions.

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Building a thriving culture takes time but it can be achieved in every organization. It takes strong leadership to fully engage the hearts and minds of people. When leaders learn to tap into this valuable resource effectively, they are able to create an environment of change that produces amazing results.



Every manager has a critical function in the organization. Unfortunately, most managers misunderstand it. To be effective, managers must first understand who they are, how they contribute, and what they bring to the table. Managers provide the pivotal link between those in the C-suite and those on the front lines. As a result, management represents the highest leverage point in business today.


Our consultants have years of hands-on international expertise across diverse industries. As a result, we bring invaluable experience to the table, ensuring our clients achieve quantifiable results, aligned with their business objectives.

Why CreateOne Consulting

We work with your organization to help design the best strategy aligned to your key business objectives, in order to achieve long term success. We don’t see ourselves as consultants providing a course of action but rather as change catalysts walking alongside you and your team and adding value each step of the way.

Organizational ChangeOrganizational Change

Organizational change is a fact of business life. New opportunities, new products, and new business initiatives are exciting moments that signal change and disruption. Most of these change efforts require significant adjustments in how large numbers of people get work done. Leaders need the buy-in and commitment of the people who are being asked to change.

Vision & StrategyVision & Strategy

Whether your team has ten people or ten thousand, developing a clear and compelling Business Vision and Strategy will take you and your people to a new level of performance and results.

Executive & Team CoachingExecutive & Team Coaching

Coaching is a deliberate process using focused conversations to create an environment for individual growth, purposeful action and sustained improvement. Our one-to-one coaching services are customized for each individual.

Assessment ToolsAssessment Tools

We offer a variety of web based assessment tools such as Leadership, Organizational Climate Surveys & Employee Engagement and Personality Profiling.  These HR Tools assist with on-going staff development and coaching.


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